Technical background

Braille embroidery with ZSK embroidery-machines

ZSK embroidery-machines are perfectly suited for individualization of textiles with embroidery in Braille.


Embroidering Braille with a ZSK SPRINT 5

To embroider Braille-letters with ZSK machines you need just a company-intern network and a connected computer with the software BasePac 8 and two necessary options.

ZSK: Requirements to emboider Braille

ZSK: Requirements to embroider Braille

BasePac translates the text into Braille and sends the stitch-data to the machine via network. You only need the modules “Monogramm” and “Braille”.  BasePac8 is a modular software-package for the embroidery-industry. Modules can be individually chosen.

It is easy to understand and use the software.

When pile fabric, like velvet or terry cloth, or mesh is used, there lies a slick surface of backstitches around the dots. By this, the readability of the Braille-dots is ensured.

A series of tests with visually impaired people of all ages yielded the best convexity for each dot and the height of the letters.

Display of a ZSK T8 machine-controller

Display of a ZSK T8 machine-controller

With our tubular system machines of the Sprint- or J-series  you can deal with your high or low quantity orders effortlessly. They are perfectly suited to individualize shoes, caps or shirts.

For high amounts of industrial production the ZSK flatmode-machines with up to 56 heads are best.

We have the right machine for every need…