About Braille

The Braille font, shortly Braille, is a writing system made up of dot patterns for blind people. In order to read them, the dot patterns are felt out with the finger tips. Each character consists of 6 dots, resulting in 64 possible combinations. Thus, letters, numbers, musical scores and many other symbols are educible.

Braille is a tactile lettering for the blind

Braille is a tactile lettering for the blind .

The Braille was invented as early as 1825 by Louis Braille. Louis Braille, blind himself since his 4th year of life, longed for greater independence from others, unwilling to only listen to what was being read to him, but rather perceive and experience for himself. Due to the will of blind or visually impaired people, Braille has seen a worldwide triumph ever since. Today, Braille is an indispensable tool for blind people to actively participate in education, professional life as well as daily routine in general.

Louis Braille Bust at Bad Wiessee

Louis Braille bust at Bad Wiessee
by Katanga (wikipedia.de)

Technical solutions for the visually impaired

Since the days of Louis Braille, the possibilities of blind and extremely visually impaired people to get aware of and identify existing information have advanced; today, for the most part, however, in the affluent and highly developed nations, a good many of information is often available by technical solutions like talking scanners. Nevertheless, in the textile sector, such solutions are only partly feasible. Badges like RFID-chips provide enough space for information, in addition to being washable, however, are a perceptible disturbing factor on textiles and articles of daily use such as towels, shirts, shoes, socks and many more. Moreover, they are readable only with special equipment which is not always within one´s reach. On top of this it must be considered that on a global level, the majority of the persons concerned are too poor for the purchase of such technical devices. Yet, this matters considerably for the textile production on an industrial scale.

Braille embroidery on a textile

Embroidered Braille

New: Braille for the textile sector

The newly developed solution applies here. With the help of this patented procedure, it is possible to embroider the Braille alphabet on textiles. This process

  • is comparatively cost efficient,
  • generates information which is embroidered with the same material,
  • generates information which is “readable” without further auxiliary means,
  • provides information for any interested party.

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