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Braille embroidery

makes things


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With braille embroidery

you can read

your hotel towel

even in the dark

Braille revolutionizes the life of blind persons – to this day

Embroidering Textiles with Braille

Stacked T-Shirts

Whether business shirt or favourite sneaker  – you can embroider almost every thing

With the help of a patented embroidery technique, all textiles can be embroidered with Braille characters. Compared with the usual embroidery techniques, the necessary convexity is brought about to guarantee the legibility of the individual dots of the Braille printing.

Essential information whether initials for the identification of class uniforms, colour indications or care instructions can be embroidered onto all textiles. The embroidered guidance hardly modifies the fabric and neither reduces wear comfort nor care.

Technical Basis for Braille Embroidery

ZSK embroidery machine Sprint 5The embroidery designs for Braille fonts have been developed on an embroidery machine and with the embroidery software of ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH, the German market leader for industrial embroidery machines.

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